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Table IV.

Effect of enzymatic hydrolysis of buttermilk solids obtained from raw or pasteurized cream on the in vitro cholesterol micellar solubility.

Sample Cholesterol micellar solubilityd (%)
From raw cream
Non-hydrolyseda 70.9
Peptic hydrolysateb 73.5
UF permeatec 84.5
From pasteurized cream
Non-hydrolyseda 99.0
Peptic hydrolysateb 88.8
UF permeatec 82.5
SEM (n = 3) 2.8
Comparison Significance (P value)

Replicate batches N.S.e
Heat treatment < 0.0001
Fractionation (MF) N.S.
 – (Buttermilk) × (Permeate & Retentate) N.S.
 – (Permeate) × (Retentate) N.S.
(Heat treatment) × (MF fractions) 0.0009

Freeze-dried low-fat buttermilk in gastric salt solution before the addition of pepsin.


After 2 h of treatment with pepsin.


Ultrafiltration (UF) permeate obtained using 30 kg·mol−1 MWCO membrane after hydrolysis with pepsin (2 h) and trypsin (3 h).


Relative to micellar cholesterol solution without buttermilk product.


N.S. = non-significant (P > 0.05).