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Table I.

Yeast strains used in this study.

Strains Species name Accession no. Base pair1
BY1 Galactomyces sp. FJ219589 2 (539)
BY10 P. kudriavzevii FJ219593 0 (373)
BY15 P. kudriavzevii FJ357144 0 (573)
BY31 P. guilliermondii FJ219594 0 (160)
HY1 P. guilliermondii Identical to BY31
HY18 P. guilliermondii Identical to BY31
BY6 Trichosporon sp. FJ219592 9 (585)
HY4 Y. lipolytica FJ357148 9 (500)
HY15 Y. lipolytica FJ357147 3 (512)
HJ6 Y. lipolytica FJ219597 0 (651)
HJ8 Y. lipolytica Identical to HJ6
HJ10 Y. lipolytica FJ357146 4 (508)
BY2 Geotrichum sp. FJ219590 3 (563)
BY5 P. fermentans FJ219591 3 (561)
HJ15 P. fermentans FJ219598 0 (529)
HJ16 P. fermentans Identical to HJ15
HJ22 R. mucilaginosa FJ219600 0 (371)
HJ1 T. gracile FJ219596 4 (588)
HJ2 T. gracile Identical to HJ1
CICC1850 S. boulardii Reference culture

Number of base pair difference with the corresponding type strain and the overall length of the match are shown in parentheses.