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Table VII.

Microbial populations’ establishment at 18 and 28 days of ripening on the surfaces of cheeses inoculated with complex consortium TR15 and defined consortia, analysed by SSCP and counting on agar media.

Proportion of species on cheese rinds from TR15 = complex consortium (rind suspension) and ABCD, ABC, ABD and ACD = defined consortia from identified isolates (A = six lactic acid bacteria, B = seven Gram-positive and catalase-positive bacteria, C = three Gram-negative bacteria and D = three yeasts).

*L. delbrueckii and S. thermophilus are strains from the commercial starter culture (My800) used for cheese manufacturing.

│straight line indicates that the proportion included the different species of the lines.

Plate = results expressed as a proportion of counted species on agar media. SSCP = results expressed as proportion of the peak (P i) in the pattern with P i = a i × 100/Σa i, where a i = peak area and Σa i = total peak area of the pattern. Species names on the same line indicate coelution in the same peak; n-dash (–) indicates no detection and d indicates detection of a peak < 1% of total pattern.