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Figure 2.


(a) Soluble casein contents in milk during dialysis D3 obtained by RP-HPLC. Values were calculated as the percent peak area of each casein in supernatant to its area in milk. Dialysed milks were either non-heat-treated (close symbols) or heat-treated (90 °C-24 min) (open symbols): αs1-casein (■, □), αs2-casein (♦, ◊), κ-casein (, ∆) and β-casein (●, ○). The mineral depletions are the reduction in total contents in percent of the content in undialysed milk. (b) Elastic modulus (G′, in black) and loss tangent (tanδ, in grey) during acid gelation of milk samples dialysed (dialysis D2) for 0 h (○), 14.5 h (∆), 22.08 h (□), 38.42 h (◊) and 43.08 h (+).

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