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Figure 1.


In vitro assessment of the protective effect of casein (free or bound to iron) against iron-induced peroxidation of liposomes (adapted from reference [15]). TBARS – 2-thiobarbituric acid reactive substances: (1) 3.3·10−4 mol·L−1 of iron either free or in its complexed form and 8.4·10−5 mol·L−1 of caseins, (2) 1.6·10−4 mol·L−1 of iron and 4.2·10−5 mol·L−1 of caseins; (1) vs. (2): P < 0.05 for caseins/iron, FeCl2, and FeCl3. ANOVA: P < 0.05; t tests: caseins < caseins/iron < FeCl2 and FeCl3.

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