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Figure 5.


Dynamic small amplitude oscillatory shear test performed with model Raclette cheeses sorted by the Ca content: CA50 with pH 5.20 (a), CA25 with pH 5.25 (b), CON with pH 5.35 (c), LA70 with pH 5.24 (d), LA35 with pH 5.28 (e) and PRE with pH 5.39 (f). G′, storage modulus; G″, loss modulus and tan(δ), loss tangent as a function of increasing temperature. CON, control Raclette cheese; PRE, pre-ripening; CA50 and CA25, addition of 50 or 25 g of citric acid, respectively; and LA70 and LA35, addition of 70 or 35 g of lactic acid, respectively.

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