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Dairy Science & Technology


An international dairy science journal promoting excellence in dairy research

(formerly Le Lait)

In 2011, Dairy Science & Technology will move to Springer www.springer.com/13594

During the 10 years of cooperation with the editorial team, EDP Sciences has brought the journal to an international level: the Impact Factor has risen from 0.777 in 2000 to 1.12 in 2010, bringing the journal a maximum of visibility and impact among the community.

Editor-in-Chief: A. Thierry
Honorary Editor-in-Chief: J.-L. Maubois

Deputy Editor for Canada: S. Gauthier
Deputy Editor for China: Y. Ma
Deputy Editor for the USA: V.V. Mistry

Journal indexed in ISI, IF for DST (formerly Le Lait): 1.012
(IF for DST: 0.574; IF for Le Lait: 1.600)

ISSN (Print Edition): 1958-5586
ISSN (Electronic Edition): 1958-5594
Frequency: 6 issues per year
Published by: EDP Sciences

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