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Dairy Sci. Technol. Vol. 89 No. 1

Dairy Science and Technology

Vol. 89 No. 1 (January-February 2009)

  • Editorial Announcement: Electronic submission of papers     p. 1
    Anne Thierry
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  • Formation and properties of the whey protein/$\kappa$-casein complexes in heated skim milk – A review     p. 3
    Laurence Donato and Fanny Guyomarc'h
    Abstract | PDF file (677.4 KB) | References

  • Impact of the proteolysis due to lactobacilli on the stretchability of Swiss-type cheese     p. 31
    Romain Richoux, Lydie Aubert, Grégory Roset and Jean-René Kerjean
    Abstract | PDF file (298.5 KB) | References

  • Thermal analysis of amorphous lactose and $\alpha$-lactose monohydrate     p. 43
    Yuan Listiohadi, James Arthur Hourigan, Robert Walter Sleigh and Robert John Steele
    Abstract | PDF file (1.429 MB) | References

  • A simple and rapid method for the disruption of Staphylococcus aureus, optimized for quantitative reverse transcriptase applications: Application for the examination of Camembert cheese     p. 69
    Wilfried Ablain, Sylvie Hallier Soulier, David Causeur, Michel Gautier and Florence Baron
    Abstract | PDF file (276.3 KB) | References

  • Impact of ultrasound on dairy spoilage microbes and milk components     p. 83
    Michelle Cameron, Lynn D. McMaster and Trevor J. Britz
    Abstract | PDF file (965.4 KB) | References

  • Comparison of hydrophobic and hydrophilic encapsulation using liposomes prepared from milk fat globule-derived phospholipids and soya phospholipids     p. 99
    Abby K. Thompson, Anne Couchoud and Harjinder Singh
    Abstract | PDF file (394.4 KB) | References

  • The influence of milk $\kappa$-casein and $\beta$-lactoglobulin phenotypes on fatty acid composition of milk from Reggiana cows     p. 115
    Selenia Melia, Giuseppe Losi and Gian Battista Castagnetti
    Abstract | PDF file (195.2 KB) | References

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